Any representative, or player, of Norwich Rebels is expected to abide
by the club's code of conduction. This is set out within the Club's Constitution, which also sets out the the protocols stated in the club's constitution.


This can be read here:


Norwich Rebels Club Constitution


Additionally, the club has adopted the England Touch Association (ETA) / Federation of International Touch including (FIT) policies, PDFs of which can be downloaded using the following links:





Further help on child protection


Free phone 24 hour helpline: 0808 800 5000


Child Line UK

Free phone helpline: 0800 1111


NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU)

0116 234 7278




Anti-Bullying Alliance



In relation to safe drop off / collection of minors, the relevant information that should be supplied to parents, can be found here:


Transport Drop Off and Collection Guidelines



Whistleblowing, club member protection, and managing concerns


The ETA recommends the Federation of International Touch Member Protection Policy, this can be downloaded using the above link, for reporting and handling of any concerns, and can be used in conjunction with the anti-bullying policy also available to download above.




Confidentiality and information sharing


All personal information provided to the club is done so in the strictest confidence and is bound by the Data Protection guidelines, which can be downloaded from the following link:


Use of Photography and Public Imagery Policy


In addition Point 9 in the ‘Club Constitution’ can also be referred to, see the link above for a download of this.



Codes of conduct


The Club expects all players, coaches, and any persons otherwise involved in or representing the club, to adhere to the code of conduct as specified in the link below and specifically set out on page 22 / Section D


General Code of Behaviour


This covers guidelines on expected  behaviour and conduct on the following areas:


• General Code of Behaviour

• Media Code

• Administrator Code of Behaviour

• Coach Code of Behaviour

• Player Code of Behaviour

• Referees Code

• Parent / Guardian Code of Behaviour

• Spectator Code of Behaviour



Emergency procedures


Norwich Rebels' health and safety policy and procedures, including emergency procedures, can be downloaded here:


Emergency Procedure




Watch, or listen, to current club members talking about touch rugby and our club:



Join us, our sessions are open to all. We currently run Sunday morning sessions (10am) , and Tuesday evening sessions
pm) both at Eaton Park.

Norwich Rebels are pleased to unveil a
new club shirt to coincide with sponsorship from our new club sponsors, Leathes Prior Solicitors