The Summer League is run by Norwich Rebels in association with England Touch Association (ETA)

Please note: these rules have been updated for  the 2017 League 
Revised 04/2017



Norfolk based teams are eligible to compete in the Summer League

  • Norfolk based teams are eligible to compete in the Summer League
  • £50.00 entry per team for teams in their first or second league.
  • £80.00 per team for teams in their third or more years playing in the league
  • Minimum age for participating is strictly 15
  • Games are played on Sunday mornings (or on another day/time to be agreed between both teams and the nominated referee), the games last 20 minutes comprising two halves of 10 minutes
  • All games will be played at Eaton Park, Norwich
  • Games are played to the latest Federation of International Touch rules


  • All teams MUST field 2 female players at all times, or play with five players (there are no bonus points for additional female players)
  • Squads can number between 10 and up to a maximum of 25 players, with 6 players on the pitch at any one time, and unlimited rolling subs from the squad
  • All players must be registered to 1 squad/team in order to play in the league. Registered squads/team must be submitted to Norwich Rebels in advance
  • Once registered a player can only represent that squad/team during league matches.
  • All teams MUST supply at least 1 referee plus linesmen and/or timekeeper/scorer every weekend and will be expected to assist with refereeing and managing games. Each game a team fails to do this for will result in losing 2 points (exception for teams in their first or second year of the League in providing a referee however, we would still ask that you provide linesmen and/or timekeeper/scorer each weekend to help with game management)
  • The League is only able to run thanks to those players who help officiate the games. Without this, there would be no League. It is for this reason, and also to ensure the duty is equitably shared amongst teams, that we have introduced the rule regarding teams supplying referees/linespeople/timekeepers. Advanced notice will given of which games you are required for
  • Additionally, all teams must supply at least one named first-aider in advance.


  • The scoring system for the League this year will be as follows:
    3 points for a win
    2 for a draw
    0 for a loss and
    -1 for a no-show.
    A 1 point losing bonus point is awarded to a team finishing within
    4 scores (touchdowns) or less of their opposition
  • All touchdowns (tries) are worth 1 point (no double points for female touchdowns)
  • For those teams who forfeit a game, as well as losing a point as stated above, the team will a have 0-10 loss recorded
  • On the final day of the league the closest placed teams play off against each other to decide the final placings


  • Players must wear a team shirt or bib (preferably numbered)
  • Boots with screw-in studs or with long, metal or dangerous cleats
    are not allowed
  • Players are not to participate in any match while wearing any item
    of jewellery, chain, identification band or similar item that may prove dangerous. Jewellery or other items that cannot be removed are to
    be taped

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